The Flag of France 1

The Flag of France

The tricolor has its origins in the flag of the city of Paris which was blue and red, with blue on the hoist side.  Interestingly, at least to me, this exact flag configuration has also been attributed to the Phoenicians, whom you will recall settled in the south of France near modern day Marseilles.  Perhaps there is a connection? This arrangement is also echoed in the modern flag of Haiti, which we will get to eventually.  During the revolution, partisans would wear red and blue “cockades,”

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Leather Pride Flag 3

Leather Pride Flag

The Leather Pride Flag, or what I prefer to call The Trust Flag, was originally presented to the gay leather community in May of 1989 at the International Mister Leather event in Chicago.  The flag found wide and enthusiastic acceptance among many participants, and beyond, especially among those from the east coast while west coast men were disturbed that there had been no community input on the design. 

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