Flags of My Birthrights - Pride Flag 4

Flags of My Birthrights – Pride Flag

Flags of My Birthrights - Pride Flag 5
Blue Star Field Gay Pride Flag


More recently a new version of the eight stripe flag has been released to highlight pride in, and the equality of, people of color, especially gay people of color who may be doubly stigmatized as well as persecuted in their own communities of color.

Flags of My Birthrights - Pride Flag 6


This version of the flag was debuted by the city of Philadelphia  in 2017.  The inclusion of the black and brown stripes was meant to indicate racial inclusion but some activists felt that the flag was unnecessarily divisive in highlighting racial/ethnic differences within the gay community instead of showing solidarity beyond color lines as the original flag was felt to accomplish.

The newest version of the gay pride flag was first seen in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2018.  It is a nine stripe version that adds white to symbolize the full gender and sexual spectrum and the inclusion of all.

Flags of My Birthrights - Pride Flag 7
Nine Stripe Gay Pride Flag


To be clear, this is not a comprehensive review of all the many variations on the theme of gay pride flags, but rather a review of the most commonly seen variations.  For example, many national and state flag have been modified to include a rainbow theme to indicate pride of place and identity, while other versions have been designed to memorialize those lost to AIDS.  I encourage folks with images of additional variations to share them here.



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