Mayotte 2


The local agriculture industry is threatened by insecurity, and due to a more expensive workforce cannot compete on the export ground with Madagascar or the Comoros union. Main crops include ylang-yland for perfumes and vanilla.

Mayotte 3
Vanilla Beans

The major economic potential of the island remains tourism, however hampered by delinquency rates.


Mayotte had a ferry that runs between Dzaoudzi and Mamoudzou.

There are a total of 93 kilometres (58 mi) of highways of which 72 kilometres (45 mi) are paved.

There are two ports, one at Dzaoudzi and one at “Longoni” (Koungou).

The only airport is Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport with services to: all other Comorian islands, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Reunion Island, and France.

Flag of Mayotte:

The official flag of Mayotte is the French tricolor.

Mayotte 4
Flag of France

The unofficial local flag consists of a white field with the archipelago’s coat of arms below an inscription “MAYOTTE” in red capitals. It consists of a shield with a cloud design, a sideways crescent and flowers in blue and red segments. The supporters of the shield are seahorses. The motto, placed in a grey ribbon, reads “RA HACHIRI” – We are vigilant in Shimaore (Comorian).

Mayotte 5
Unofficial Flag of Mayotte


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