Today's Flag - Norway 2

Today’s Flag – Norway

For today, we are flying the flag of Norway.

Today's Flag - Norway 3
Norwegian Flag

The Norwegian flag is similar in design and concept to the flags of the other Scandinavian countries as well as Finland.  Contrary to common belief, Finland is NOT a Scandinavian country.  Cultural and especially linguistically Finland has very little in common with the traditional Scandinavian countries of: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.  Finland’s relationship to Scandinavia is geographic at best, although a closer look at the map will reveal that Finland is NOT on the Scandinavian peninsula but rather forms a portion of the mainland firmly attached to Russia.  Finland is Uralic in linguistic and cultural heritage terms.

Today's Flag - Norway 4
Graphic Reprentation of Norwegian Flag

Norway is likely one of the most progressive and prosperous nations on Earth.  The wealth and social welfare generated by plentiful natural gas and oil resource extraction from the North Sea territorial waters of Norway has been essential in creating the modern nation of Norway.  The Norwegians, recognizing the finite nature of energy resources as well as shifting global demand toward renewable sources of energy, have wisely and prudently invested much of the wealth into long-term strategic investments to provide a trust fund for the nation.

But this wealth and prosperity was not always present.  Starting the in 1860s there was a mass migration movement to North America.  Many of the Norwegian settlers found a home in the northern Midwestern states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.  These cultural influences can be felt to this day in these areas of the United States.

Our reason for flying the Norwegian flag is best explained in a previous post which discusses in greater detail our fondness for the Broadway show, Book of Mormon, in which Norway features very briefly in one of the early musical numbers.  I won’t repeat the logic, if that is what it is, here but instead refer interested persons to the previous post.

The Norwegian National Anthem provides an appropriate accompaniment to the Norwegian flag.

That’s it for today’s flag, but do stay tuned because more flag fun is coming up next week!

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