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Services to the Northern Isles are operated by Serco.

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A Calmac ferry arriving in Castlebay, Barra

Other routes, served by multiple companies, connect southwest Scotland to Northern IrelandDFDS Seaways operated a freight-only Rosyth – Zeebrugge ferry service, until a fire damaged the vessel DFDS were using. A passenger service was also operated between 2002 and 2010.

Additional routes are operated by local authorities.

Flag of Scotland:

The flag of Scotland is the national flag of Scotland, which consists of a white saltire defacing a blue field. The Saltire, rather than the Royal Standard of Scotland, is the correct flag for all private individuals and corporate bodies to fly. It is also, where possible, flown from Scottish Government buildings every day from 8:00 am until sunset, with certain exceptions.

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Flag of Scotland

Use of the flag is first recorded with the illustration of a heraldic flag in Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount‘s Register of Scottish Arms, c. 1542. It is possible that this is based on a precedent of the late 15th century, the use of a white saltire in the canton of a blue flag reputedly made by Queen Margaret, wife of James III (1451–1488).

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